7 films for lovers of Heavy Metal

When this subject is mentioned, people often think of the famous animated anthology of fantasy and science fiction 1981 called Heavy Metal , or tapes moodBill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure , Wayne’s World and even the mockumentaryThis Is Spinal Tap .

But there are other ways to go if you want to find titles that are inspired by this style of music to which any other genre musical classical music might be closer.

Prepare your favorite search engine to go after these incredible movie4k for metalheads .

1. Metalhead

This Icelandic film released in 2013 has been hailed by critics despite its lack of promotion and distribution.

An existential drama that focuses on the life of a peasant girl who must face death, loss of loved ones, faith, despair and redemption with the human ability to hold on to something intangible that keeps us afloat when everything others seem to try to sink.

Megadeth , Diamond Head and Thin Lizzy serve as a thread of a powerful story with a visual charm hard to resist.

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2. Deathgasm

Among many horror movies and horror, some bloodier than others, Deathgasmcomes to satisfy a public forgotten: metal lovers. Heavy Metal and its closest derivatives possess an obvious bloody component that develops in a distinctive visual imagery on album covers, shirts and themes. What better inspiration for a horror film?

Lei Jason Howden , New Zealand filmmaker understood this and created this wonderful comedy of horror in which a group of guys used typical heavy metal as a shield against worldly teenage life. Together they create the band Deathgasmand interpret a mysterious melody trigger demons that they will face bloodily.

Gore , sex, metal and dirty jokes: a winning combination. Deathgasm Part 2: Goremageddon , still no release date, will be the continuation of this story.

3. Hesher

This 2010 film that uses the logo of Metallica as part of its graphic identity brings us to the great Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role of a detestable malviviente that the rhythm of Metallica and Motorhead , breaks into the lives of those who will go through in front. This dark tragicomedy offers superb performances and a sensibility that moves away from the cliches, showing as a “diabolical” character can become an angel even without being aware of their actions.

Definitely a wonderful film for disposable ones and others. I know you who decides what to think about Hesher .

4. Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

A film that has become a cult classic that has transcended the screen giving us incredible music.

Journey 2 Californian musicians lovers Metal, who dream of fame and glory in the world of Rock, and to get embark on a journey of hundreds of kilometers in search of a magical guitar pick that will turn Tenacious D the best band in the world.

Ronnie James Dio , Meat Loaf and Dave Grohl are part of the soundtrack provided mostly by the original compositions of the band led by Jack Black :Tenacious D .

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5. Airheads

Another absurd comedy headbangers including a strong soundtrack that wanders works Motörhead with rapper Ice-T , White Zombie , Anthrax andPrimus . This 1994 film is starring Brendan Fraser , Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi as Chazz , Pip and Rex , members of the band The Lone Rangers and who hijack a radio station to broadcast her songs. A movie with lousy reviews by specialized critics, but what they know Heavy Metal?

6. Rock City Detroit

4 fans boys KISS meet after one of their mothers burn their tickets for a concert of the band; the mission is simply to do whatever is necessary to attend the concert. And when we say “do what is necessary” we mean: Drugs, sex, fights and even theft. This is another of those Putlocker Movies almost forgotten by all but appreciated by a select group of Metal lovers.

Edward Furlong , the remembered John Connor in Terminator 2 is who heads a cast that includes KISS and even Shannon Tweed , erotic actress and wife ofGene Simmons .

7. Metal City Detroit

Another film inspired by KISS and which in this case happens to be a animé film or traditional Japanese animation, which is based on the manga of the same name.

The theme of Detroit Metal City is based on a style of vulgar and frontal comedy to tell the story of Soichi Negishi as a shy young man who aspires to be a singer of Pop, but is forced to take a job as a singer in a band Death Metal called Detroit Metal City , whose members have dummy in the style of personalities KISS andAlice Cooper . Johannes Krauser II is his alter ego, one that things ranging from being a terrorist demon from hell to have killed and raped are rumored to their parents with their giant male organ.

Sorry: no one said the Heavy Metal was delicate, check it here putlocker .