NEWS UPDATE :: September 2011

Okay! So as must you are aware by now, HUMAN have gotten the ball rolling on album number 4!!! The album has a working title "MYSTERY MEAT" and is being recording in our hometown of Christchurch with the talented Nik Coulter on production duties, as well as myself in the corner barking orders :)

So far, we have tracked the drums and are in the editing stages of the drum tracks. Many tweaks and much polisihing ahead. Drummer Nik put in a solid effort in the studio so I hope you'll be blown away when you hear it. The album will have 10 songs and clock in at under 24 minutes. We performed the title track early August - see video below.

Also, we have started booking the remainder of our New Zealand shows for the year, the next one being in wellington on November 4th, 2011 at Bar Medusa! We will shcedule a tour for the new album late 2011 or early 2012 - definitely before the world blows up anyway. Meantime, stay tuned to our site, like us on Facebook, and spread the word. We are back, we are a grindcore nightmare!!!

10 films about heavy metal that you got to do

Heavy metal has always been welcomed with enthusiasm, his musicians are revered as demigods by legions who worship them , or just simply be dismissed as noise and shouting. Aside from rap, no other genre in the history of music is most adored and reviled in equal parts. Even during the 1980s (the height of the metal as the most popular music in the world).

Like anything else that reaches the state of cultural relevance, heavy metal found its way onto the big screen through films concerts, documentaries, comedies and – with the obvious inevitability – horror movies. Once the genre became a gap in our public consciousness (wanted or not), the metal became the subject of numerous films, both fiction and nonfiction.

Unlike films including gratuitously a song by heavy popular metal for the good of the soundtrack, the following list consists of films, where the metal or theme, part of the plot or, where appropriate, plays an important role in its entertainment value. Some preach to the converted, while others seem to share the same contempt of those who profess to hate this music.

Some might even change your love / hate by gender. In any case, these ten movie2k filme are the ones that have the best heavy metal as a central component.




Heavy Metal


| 10 |


Get Thrashed (2006)


This documentary focuses on one of the favorite subgenres of metal, starts ticking the most notorious origins in the American scene and subsequent consecration of the same worldwide, chronologically can share the impending decline and survival of some sets at certain times and re – emergence of numerous proposals from all sides.

Excellent documentary and well summarized for those looking for a source to investigate the ‘Underground Thrash’ testing 3 key points in North America, from the suburbs to the struggle to reach the top and leave the footprint several bands follow, as a musical tradition.

Starting from the bottom, Metallica, has established itself as one of the key bands in this movement, along with bands like Overkill, Megadeth, Exodus and Slayer (to mention the most cited) building the sound mixing stage epitomized brutality and musical technique employed with the passing of the years.






| 9 |


Maximum Overdrive (1986)


“Maximum Overdrive” is one of those movies in which the story is a mere anecdote and where the important thing is absurd, violent and comic. No, I’m not defining Serenity “b” or “z”, but “Maximum Overdive”.
In the first few seconds of the film show you the whole story. He summarized: “A rare thing you’ve never heard comes from space and makes the machine go crazy and want to kill humans” is over, now begins the show.
A drawbridge full vehicle is driven, a collide against each other, a woman comes out (awesome) through the windshield … and so … well it all begins and ends.
But the scenes of destruction are pretty good, it is entertaining enough to pull display, uncompromisingly and without much thought (like a show but fun reallity), but the really great film, which gives this charming film that we all saw in our childhood, it is: the seedy photography (let ‘s call it “southern that small we scared so we had no idea what was wrong, (which we now call delusional).
it will not be the story, but those explosions with the music of AD / DC are unpayable, or those scenes present in every film bad: the good are preparing for the arrival of bad, again? Yes, but this time with AD / DC, you can not fail, and do not fail.
It may seem film for “geeks” which it is, but as a moviegoer, when you’ve swallowed five of truffaut, six of Bergman and other many of Hawks, you just head tatters, too much genius and personally is at this time when I appreciate movies as “Maximum overdrive”.
One film directed by Stephen King that although deny a claim more to see this entertaining and funny movie.




10 films about heavy metal that you got to do


| 8 |


School of Rock (2003)


School of Rock is the typical movie would reach 5, and little else, would stay in seedy entertainment. It is simple, quite predictable, topical, interesting Jack Black (the fact really feel what you feel the character he plays, help). Right, usually. Passable to dry. Oh, and with cantosísimos failures that could only beexplained if the film touched issues of fiction.
The mood only deserves to be called mood on a couple of occasions, the rest are slapstick.

However, a rocker can not help but be attracted to School of Rock, it is as loaded in the soundtrack of mythical themes; in his dialogues, multiple references to the “scene”; and at times, of a rock and roll delicious. So when one comes across it, you can not avoid seeing to the end. You can not avoid succumbing to the magic that has music when really, when you feel.




Heavy Metal


| 7 |


Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2008)


One of the most successful, human and moving documentaries of recent years came from where ,perhaps, by prejudice or odds, less might have expected: the talent and sensitivity of a fan of heavy metal band almost forgotten for two decades Although some emblematic musicians recognize their influence: Anvil. To follow the leader and drummer of the group in a series of episodes ranging from the pathetic and hilarious to the intimate and emotional, the director Sacha Gervasi manages to transform what could have been a willing vehicle to service rockers fifties, in an unforgettable portrait of the ups anddowns of two characters who just want to be happy making music, and although fame is behind us never lose hope of returning to play before crowds that shout and vibrate with his music.

with its timely use of images file show successful early years of the band, and successful fragments of interviews inner circle to the protagonists, “Anvil” could have been a very attractive but conventional work in form, yet manages to go much further. It does not matter if the audience likes it or not heavy metal, you end bond of love with these two characters memorable and full of humanity, with their hobbies and temperamental outbursts in tow alternating with unexpected tenderness and naivete dose.Despite the fun and ridiculous moments situations in which they are involved, the director manages both never lose their dignity, and we just want to return to be famous, to have the success that has abandoned them and has survived sporadic ” concerts “to squalid hearings, which forces them to survive in gray and monotonous occupations and jobs. Solid documentary, entertaining and good pace work, not just for music fans, but especially for those who appreciate the various issues that displays which go far beyond the humor that runs through it , to move us more than we expected: the strength of family ties, the inexorable passage of time and the tracks that leaves the dreams of fame, passion that is able to maintain energy and enthusiasm despite the failures and setbacks of fate … and above all the portrait of a friendship that manages to overcome all the fights, failures and egos.






| 6 |


Wayne’s World (1992)


Wayne’s World leads directly to the frenzied life of Wayne (Mike Myers) a young (or not) in the suburbs of Chicago with his inseparable friend Garth (Dana Carvey) carry out a crazy TV show in the basement your home. This program is very popular among young people of the city with its buzzwords, his irreverent humor or his way of joking with guests. One day a television producer is set in the program and sees it as a product to exploit for their economic interests, so Wayne and Garth tab to finish manipulating the program to the chagrin of these. Meanwhile, Wayne tries to win the love of the leader of a popular local band, which will bring occasional headache.

The film is the kind of comedy that we face a series of madcap characters whose behaviors do not have much real sense but it does not make it a bad movie of its kind, quite the opposite. Despite not having a great story or screenplay, originality is undeniable in the style of humor, which could already glimpse the mark later Mike Myers in Austin Powers would enjoy. The soundtrack features songs by heavy metal and above all musical aspects, it highlights the start of the film in which Wayne and Garth with his friends sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen in the car, staying as one of the most memorable scenes of the film until today.




10 films about heavy metal that you got to do


| 5 |


The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years (1988)


Fascinating descent into hell in the world of rock and roll Los Angeles in the 80s legendary spandex At the time, the mascara, clenched manes and hard rock boom that lived in the early years of the decade, Penelope Spheeris dares to eviscerate that, apparently, world of continuous partying, sex and fun to jump right into the decadecia, hard rise to stardom and eternal plague of alcohol and drugs, inseparable from the world of show bussiness.
Ozzy, Mötley Crüe, Kiss, Motörhead, WASP, Aerosmith, Poison, Alice Cooper parade through the film.No objection, in musical terms, for all those who love the sound of all these bands. But it also shows many other musicians, none of whom went from being a younger … or not even that. And that series of aspiring rockstars, failed, are the most pathetic. Because at the time of shooting the film everyone wanted to take on the world, have aspirations, dreams were as individuals who, in their arrogance, said to be like Paul Stanley or Nikki Sixx. But seen the film with the perspective that the patina of time granted to all, all have remained frustrated dreamers who have fallen by the wayside because precisely of those broken dreams that many of them were doomed.
In short: lots of good music, amazing statements of the respondents (the scene of Chris Holmes drunk in the pool with his mother, is as demeaning as fascinating), and an essential document for further American metalera moved so important music scene .




Heavy Metal


| 4 |


Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1988)


“1986, beer, Priest, camcorder”
The phrase that heads the cover of this video documentary sums up perfectly what we will see in these delicious 17 – minute film.
In 1986 John Heynes and Jeff Krulick have the happy idea to grab your video camera and a micro and go shoot some interviews in the parking lot of the Capitol Centre in Landover, Maryland (walking further south of Philadelphia, to place a little).
the video is not wasted, start with our reporters entering the parking enclosure . Planes a car in the parking, obviously ochenteros American models, Camaros, Firebirds, Novas … I also see some Volswagen, vans … and flat and “our” metalheads, extremely drunk, certainly that is the general trend or at least the protagonists of the video.






| 3 |


Metallica Through the Never (2013)


First of all we should say that if you expect to see a movie you’re making a mistake, here you’re not going to find, there is no plot and there is nothing, no simple show. But if you’re looking for the best Thrash Metal band and one of the best in the Metal and music in general and raisins looking for a good time you’ll love. Thorugh The Never is the realization of a spectacular concert of Metallica where is intertwined with imágnes the story of a character that would be worth to a video clip rather than a movie, it makes little sense have and to me like he could have taken more advantage and could have done something even better.
the concert is outrageous and the stories falsodocumental type work, the other party but has very visual parts and the music is great is failing more.
the group plays many of its large although there are large issues absences but you can forgive because it can be made to fit in with the plot of the character, although they might have also worked other. I criticize that there are many parts that only teach the concert and others only history and not intercalasen more images and no more aprovechasen music. 3D although shocking, plenty everywhere, you can save it perfectly.
In short it is a spectacular concert and it ‘s great to see Metallica in concert playing a movie with images from a video clip of just over an hour. And it works great.




10 films about heavy metal that you got to do


| 2 |


This is Spinal Tap (1984)


This is Spinal Tap is a hilarious film director Rob Reiner, starring the comic cinema-television and great lovers of hard rock: Michael McKean, Christopher Guest and Harry Shearer. At all times we can see in it a tribute in comedy tone of all topics, stereotypes and absurdities that can occur in a legendary rock band full of egos, of nonsense and fantasy, that wonderful circus that both enjoyed some, and among them, the protagonists of the film. Since the supposed origins of the band in the sixties, through his monumental concerts, his fights by censured covers, the scene of the last tour, interventionism one of their girlfriends .. All this tells us in the form of documentary, succulent interviews, recordings of concerts and hard-rock themes with such stupid (or not) letters as some bands of the time. In Spinal Tap will see what we never knew of those bands that we adore and am convinced that reality more than once stranger than fiction.Seeing Spinal Tap any lover of hard rock / heavy you can stop thinking about Black Sabbath and his peculiar members, Kiss and no less peculiar components, the Sweet, with its pathetic image, the Manowar (which only takes them) and many other bands of hard rock and hair-metal which then triumphed in the 80 Anecdotally say that was so believable this funny farce that the actors and band members after the movie turned and made a disc with the soundtrack for the film “This is Spinal Tap” (1984) and reparecen in 1992 with “Break like the wind,” Illustrated albums that are, like the film itself, between the discs cult geek hard-rockers worldwide. Another anecdote is the appearance of hard-rock singer Paul Shortino (in the role of “Duke Fame”




Heavy Metal


| 1 |


Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey (2005)


Sensational documentary for fans of rock and especially heavy metal, music that for many is not just music: it is a lifestyle, a way of uniting people under one musical banner and make the walls of your house tremble listening to blaring.

the testimonies of greats like Bruce Dickinson, Lemmy or Dee Snider, among others, makes people who are not very familiar with this music knows a little more and prejudices style remove: “this music it is satanic, “” the heavies are a disgusting “and other meaningless drivel.

in short, recommended for the uninitiated in this music and also initiates.

7 films for lovers of Heavy Metal

When this subject is mentioned, people often think of the famous animated anthology of fantasy and science fiction 1981 called Heavy Metal , or tapes moodBill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure , Wayne’s World and even the mockumentaryThis Is Spinal Tap .

But there are other ways to go if you want to find titles that are inspired by this style of music to which any other genre musical classical music might be closer.

Prepare your favorite search engine to go after these incredible movie4k for metalheads .

1. Metalhead

This Icelandic film released in 2013 has been hailed by critics despite its lack of promotion and distribution.

An existential drama that focuses on the life of a peasant girl who must face death, loss of loved ones, faith, despair and redemption with the human ability to hold on to something intangible that keeps us afloat when everything others seem to try to sink.

Megadeth , Diamond Head and Thin Lizzy serve as a thread of a powerful story with a visual charm hard to resist.

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2. Deathgasm

Among many horror movies and horror, some bloodier than others, Deathgasmcomes to satisfy a public forgotten: metal lovers. Heavy Metal and its closest derivatives possess an obvious bloody component that develops in a distinctive visual imagery on album covers, shirts and themes. What better inspiration for a horror film?

Lei Jason Howden , New Zealand filmmaker understood this and created this wonderful comedy of horror in which a group of guys used typical heavy metal as a shield against worldly teenage life. Together they create the band Deathgasmand interpret a mysterious melody trigger demons that they will face bloodily.

Gore , sex, metal and dirty jokes: a winning combination. Deathgasm Part 2: Goremageddon , still no release date, will be the continuation of this story.

3. Hesher

This 2010 film that uses the logo of Metallica as part of its graphic identity brings us to the great Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role of a detestable malviviente that the rhythm of Metallica and Motorhead , breaks into the lives of those who will go through in front. This dark tragicomedy offers superb performances and a sensibility that moves away from the cliches, showing as a “diabolical” character can become an angel even without being aware of their actions.

Definitely a wonderful film for disposable ones and others. I know you who decides what to think about Hesher .

4. Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

A film that has become a cult classic that has transcended the screen giving us incredible music.

Journey 2 Californian musicians lovers Metal, who dream of fame and glory in the world of Rock, and to get embark on a journey of hundreds of kilometers in search of a magical guitar pick that will turn Tenacious D the best band in the world.

Ronnie James Dio , Meat Loaf and Dave Grohl are part of the soundtrack provided mostly by the original compositions of the band led by Jack Black :Tenacious D .

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5. Airheads

Another absurd comedy headbangers including a strong soundtrack that wanders works Motörhead with rapper Ice-T , White Zombie , Anthrax andPrimus . This 1994 film is starring Brendan Fraser , Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi as Chazz , Pip and Rex , members of the band The Lone Rangers and who hijack a radio station to broadcast her songs. A movie with lousy reviews by specialized critics, but what they know Heavy Metal?

6. Rock City Detroit

4 fans boys KISS meet after one of their mothers burn their tickets for a concert of the band; the mission is simply to do whatever is necessary to attend the concert. And when we say “do what is necessary” we mean: Drugs, sex, fights and even theft. This is another of those Putlocker Movies almost forgotten by all but appreciated by a select group of Metal lovers.

Edward Furlong , the remembered John Connor in Terminator 2 is who heads a cast that includes KISS and even Shannon Tweed , erotic actress and wife ofGene Simmons .

7. Metal City Detroit

Another film inspired by KISS and which in this case happens to be a animé film or traditional Japanese animation, which is based on the manga of the same name.

The theme of Detroit Metal City is based on a style of vulgar and frontal comedy to tell the story of Soichi Negishi as a shy young man who aspires to be a singer of Pop, but is forced to take a job as a singer in a band Death Metal called Detroit Metal City , whose members have dummy in the style of personalities KISS andAlice Cooper . Johannes Krauser II is his alter ego, one that things ranging from being a terrorist demon from hell to have killed and raped are rumored to their parents with their giant male organ.

Sorry: no one said the Heavy Metal was delicate, check it here putlocker .